Customised Internet Solutions

XIAG AG, Internet Solutions, is an international software developing company specialised on web and mobile applications.

Founded in 2000, XIAG AG now employs more than 30 specialists in software development, design and system administration offering to our demanding international clients sophisticated and individual solutions. With more than a decade of experience and over 200 successfully completed projects, XIAG has built up long term partnerships with its clients and stands for stability and strong growth.

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  • XIAG developed and implemented with use of the XIAG CMS an integrated and holistic tourism portal for the worldwide reputed tourism destination of Engadin St. Moritz. All the for tourist relevant information are saved and converted on this tourism platform. Besides the existing functions of bookings for hotels, apartments and skiing tickets, XIAG integrated new information (seasonal activities, special offers, weather & street reports and other news), interactive maps and satellite pictures. All data offered by the tourism portal are first customised and then transmitted with the XIAG newsletter tool to hotels and other touristic organisations.
    Tourism portal
  • Malësia Reisen is a charter airline partnering with SWISS International Air Lines, a major global player in the aviation industry. Malësia offers daily flights entirely organised with the individually developed XIAG flight booking system. Clients, agents and Malësia employees use the combined website/booking system to administer the flight traffics and client needs.

    XIAG intensively investigated the existing processes prior to developing the today’s booking system, allowing employees of Malësia, agents just as online clients to book the charter flights using the company website. The accounting and check-in processes have strongly been facilitated, applying several interfaces to partners such as the airport and insurance companies using the same online platform.
    Booking system, IT consulting, website
  • XIAG is responsible for all internet related processes of the e-business company HOGALOG AG. Starting with the B2B ordering platform, continuing with a newsletter solution, the website, the hosting of the servers and finally professional 2nd level support.

    XIAG AG started from scratch to insure a completely new and tailor made solution to meet the sophisticated industry needs. This innovative B2B platform is not only an online shop, but a management tool, facilitating many processes. With only one login, clients are able to overview their stocks, order accordingly and do the administrative follow-up such as accounting. This stringent ordering process minimises the time spend and the errors possible, which directly influences clients’ costs and the bottom line.
    B2B online shop for gastronomy
  • E-commerce, individual solution
  • XIAG developed for HealtVision AG a project and participants’ management tool, providing HealthVision with all necessary applications to conduct their medical checks of the participants completely anonymous. XIAG is, besides the development of the tools, in charge of the data administration, acting as a custodian and intermediate between the participants and the other involved parties.
    Administration of participants
  • XIAG employs and is seeking employees which are better than average or are eager and motivated to become better than average.

    We develop robust, fast and scalable solutions for our customers using the latest technologies and tools which fit the requirement best. Our customers are mature and established companies which expect top professionals which are committed to the job and also aware how important stable and solid solutions are.

    We provide our employees with very interesting and competitive work and the opportunity to professionally grow to a very mature level. XIAG therefore values experience and the willingness to become a senior developer very high. We are focused on the result. Our company is looking for employees who want to excel in their fields. If you are a passionate developer who loves his work because he can build "state of the art" results then we want you in our company!
    Owner and CEO
    Andreas Graf
  • XIAG is offering to its employees very interesting and complex projects. Not just "some websites", but highly interesting and demanding customers with different needs. You are not all the time coding on the same projects, implementing every day the same standard solution. No, you will work on several totally different projects at the same time. Doing so, our small team offers you the possibility, to learn straight from experienced colleagues, but also to bring in your own knowledge.

    Not less important for me is, that XIAG is not only offering an interesting work. It gives you also the possibility of a stable family live. A save salary independent from the Russian market. Stable working times – to work overtime is expected very seldom, and besides it, paid. So XIAG is for me an ideal employer, very interesting tasks with the possibility to have a fulfilling family live.
    Director of the development center Russia
    Norbert Schott
  • The biggest advantage to work for XIAG is the stability! I am a family guy and for me it is really important to have a reliable employer who always pays my salary and in time! Since I’ve joined XIAG 5 years ago my salary never got delayed. Additionally the salary is competitive and the social benefits are generous.

    As a deputy director of the development centre I highly appreciate the flat hierarchies of XIAG. I and every other developer are in constant contact not only with Norbert, the director of the Russian development centre, but also with Andreas, the owner of the company at the main Office in Zurich. If you would like to discuss something (also personal matters) you don’t need to wait for scheduled meetings, you just walk to the next room or pick up the phone and dial their number.

    We have several employees who work for XIAG and in web development for more than 10 years. Young developers often appreciate their large experience and the fact that they can spend paid time every week on the development of internal XIAG libraries and tools, as a means to improve their own programming skills.

    In general it can be said that XIAG combines the friendly atmosphere of a small company with the advantageous of very interesting and international projects. In short, it is cool to work for XIAG!
    Deputy managing director of the development center Russia
    Yury Bagryansky
  • I stopped working as a free-lancer and joined XIAG 16 months ago to benefit from the big experience of the other employees. As a free-lancer I was mainly working on small projects and felt that I couldn’t improve my programming skills anymore. Now at XIAG I’m working on big and complex projects with sophisticated technologies. This is really interesting and challenging for me. This way, I can with the support of the more experienced software developers improve my programming competences, which is very important to me! In the past we also had lectures of external experts in web development or fellow XIAG employees, as another means for self-education. I enjoyed that and would like to have it in the future too.

    So at XIAG I really appreciate the combination of a friendly working environment with helpful and experienced working colleagues and the possibility to work on demanding projects to further develop my programming abilities.
    Software developer
    Andrey Grankin
  • Being part of XIAG for more than nine years, I highly appreciate to work in a multi-national team for international clients. Swiss clients are often very professional which is necessary when working on such demanding and big projects. You can rely on the information they deliver and be sure that they will pay on time, which is not always the case for Russian clients. To have such important clients is a big advantage for XIAG and for us employees. It gives us the possibility to work in a stable environment.

    In my position I can take over a lot of responsibility. I’m in direct contact with the client’s project managers and talk about the issues one on one. If I want to apply a new technology I simply ask him or our internal project manager. The same is the case for personal matters. Every employee has the possibility to discuss his needs personally with our boss. We are a rather small company, which leaves a lot of space for flexibility. There is no bureaucracy. If you want to go on vacation you’re pretty much free to go whenever you want. This flexibility means also that I can change from one project to another. Coming from designing user inter-faces of websites I now partly switch to the design and usability of iOS apps, which is not only exciting but a very good way to improve my skills. I can do self-education on the job. Another thing which I enjoy is the interchange with and the travel to the Swiss office. Europe and the USA are the places where the interesting things in IT like conferences are going on. It's the best place to learn about new technologies and trends in IT.
    Usability-Engineer & GUI-Designer
    Slava Vetoshkin
  • Web-developer
    40 000 rubles
    Minimum qualifications:
    - good knowledge of Web technologies;
    - good coding skills in a dynamically typed programming language;
    - written English.
  • IOS-разработчик. iPhone-developer, программист Objective-C, Swift
    - опыт разработки под iOS от 2 лет
    - уверенное знание основных iOS фреймворков и SDK
    - уверенные навыки программирования на Objective-C или Swift
    - уверенное понимание клиент-серверного взаимодействия: протокола HTTP, форматов данных JSON и XML
    - базовые знания информатики: фундаментальных алгоритмов и структур данных
    - письменный английский
    Minimum qualifications: